Do you sell to the public?

Yes! We have a cooler that is always stocked with a wide range of quality flowers. If you would like to buy wholesale with us, just bring a copy of your California Resale License and we can set up an account for you!

Can I place a large order in advance?

Of course! We ask that large orders be placed about 10 days in advance so that we can do our best to get your flowers of choice. If you aren’t sure about your order, don’t hesitate to call us at (818)991-3278 or email at stephanie@fareastwholesaleflowers.com

Can I use your buckets to transport my flowers?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer our buckets to transport your flowers. We rely heavily on our buckets, and we need to make sure we have enough on hand at all times. However, places like Home Depot and Lowes carry great buckets that you can purchase and bring with you.

Do you make flower arrangements?

We do not offer design service at Far East Wholesale, but we have a great network of florists that we can refer you to!

How do I care for my flowers once I get them home?

Its always a good idea to give your flowers a fresh cut and make sure they are in plenty of fresh water. Flowers from our cooler will usually last 7-10 days, depending on the flower, and keeping them in a cool place will help ensure that they last as well.


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